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In addition to residential work, Collegiate Sealers also does work on commercial parking lots. Your parking lot is a significant investment in your property. Sealcoating makes the asphalt last longer...period. As soon as the asphalt is laid, it begins to deteriorate. The punishment from daily traffic, chemicals such as gasoline and oil, UV light, water, and oxygen damage and dry out the asphalt. This leads to fading, cracking, and loss of aggregate. Halt this attack on your investment and extend the lifecycle of your pavement while keeping your property looking its best. Well maintained parking areas project a positive image to arriving customers. Don’t let a neglected parking lot be the first thing your customers see. A typical commercial project includes removing dirt and debris with high powered blowers, treating oil & chemical stains, hot pour crack filling, sealcoating, and restriping the parking lot. Unlike our residential sector, on larger commercial projects we will often spray apply two coats rather than hand apply one coat. This is done to facilitate faster drying (minimizing the downtime of your lot). Call or e-mail us today for a free proposal. We will measure your lot and either fax or mail your bid promptly. We also provide services for hot asphalt repair as warranted or by request.

Commercial Sealing SEALCOATING - A dark, well cared-for parking lot projects a positive image of your company. Sealcoating renews the rich black surface of the asphalt. 
CRACK FILLING - Your best defense against pavement deterioration is crack sealing. Hot Pour Crack Filling
Asphalt Repair REPAIR - We offer a wide range of services from full-depth hot asphalt repair to cold patching.
STRIPING / MARKING - The color contrast of a newly striped and marked lot is both attractive and an indication that the property owner emphasizes maintenance and safety. Painting / Striping