Standard Service

1. Clean driveway of debris.
2. Prime oil or chemical stains as needed. Primed areas will dry slightly darker.
3. Hand-apply the sand-fortified federal grade asphalt sealer using squeegees.
4. Barricade the entrance to your driveway with a yellow banner.

We will remove all dirt and debris from the asphalt using power blowers, scrapers, and wire brush brooms.

• We then treat all fresh oil or chemical stains with petro-seal primer. The primer helps prevent oil or chemical stains from bleeding up through the freshly applied asphalt sealer. Primes areas will dry darker.

• After properly preparing the asphalt, our experienced crews will hand-apply a coal-tar emulsion asphalt sealer.

• We will barricade the entrance to your driveway with a 6" wide banner.

Guidelines for day of sealing service