Sealcoating Service

1. Clean driveway of debris.
2. Prime oil or chemical stains as needed. Primed areas will dry slightly darker.
3. Pre-fill isolated cracks ¼” wide or greater with a liquid crack filler. We do not treat narrow cracks or spider web cracks.
[See notes on crack filling below.]
4. Hand-apply the asphalt sealer using squeegees.
5. Barricade the entrance to your driveway with a
yellow banner.

We will remove all dirt and debris from the asphalt using power blowers, scrapers, and wire brush brooms.

• We then treat all fresh oil or chemical stains with petro-seal primer. The primer helps prevent oil or chemical stains from bleeding up through the freshly applied asphalt sealer. Primes areas will dry darker.

• Larger isolated cracks will receive a pourable liquid crack filler. The crack filler aids in preventing water from seeping through the cracks. The crack filler will not make the cracks disappear, nor will deep cracks be flush with surrounding asphalt. As the crack filler cures, evaporation takes place & the material constricts down into the cracks forming a water-tight barrier. We do not treat surface cracks or "spider web" cracks.

• After properly preparing the asphalt, our experienced crews will hand-apply a coal-tar emulsion asphalt sealer.

• We will barricade the entrance to your driveway with a 6" wide banner.

Click here to see what types of cracks we will fill.

Guidelines for day of sealing service

Asphalt driveway cracks can result from a number of factors including tree roots, poor drainage, freeze-thaw cycles, oxidation from the sun or excessive weight. Asphalt cracks allow moisture to penetrate the pavement. In the winter this moisture can freeze causing a multitude of more serious problems. In the warmer months weeds or grass can take root in the cracks causing extensive damage.

Your best defense against pavement deterioration is crack sealing. By sealing cracks you can extend the life of your pavement considerably and prevent more costly repairs.

Cold Pour Crack Sealer

A pourable asphalt emulsion based premium liquid. Available in one gallon jugs, this material enables a quick, easy application and penetration in cracks up to 1/2" in width. This is the material we use to seal cracks in our standard sealing service.

Cold pour asphalt driveway crack filler
Cold pour asphalt driveway crack filler


Our Policy On Crack Filling

• We will make every attempt to fill isolated cracks ¼” wide or greater.
• Areas of “spider-web” cracking will not be pre-filled. Asphalt repair is required for those areas.
• During the curing process the material may constrict & settle into the crack, causing the filler to open.
• We recommend keeping a bottle of crack filler on hand to refill as needed.

Cracks We Do Not Fill

The only way to properly repair these conditions is by replacing the affected asphalt.

Cracking sides of driveway Crumbling sides of driveway

Cracking Edges

Cracking, breaking, and crumbling along the driveway sides can not be effectively treated with sealer or crack filler.

Spider Web or Alligator Cracks

In you have what is referred to as "alligator" or "spider web" cracking (terms used because the cracks resemble alligator skin or a spider web,) sealing won't help. This is characterized by numerous cracks close together.
Spiderweb asphalt driveway cracks
Spiderweb asphalt driveway cracks
Gap between garage and driveway

End Gaps

Gaps between the asphalt driveway, concrete garage floor, sidewalks, and other adjacent surfaces will not be filled or treated.